Montana's Premier Photography Team

with love, alyssa

First and foremost, I'm a wife and a mother to our three beautiful daughters. When I'm not photographing my clients, or editing photos, I'm spending my days wrangling them. But let's be honest, a lot of my time with my girls is spent taking pictures of them! I just love having 3 little models, and they love to pose for me and feel pretty. 

Whenever I get some time to destress, I love taking long baths or painting watercolors. One of my favorite things to paint are the bouquets of my brides. 

Oh and I can't forget my true crime obsession! I'm a total crime junkie and I'm always listening to the latest true crime podcasts. I know it's totally weird, but it makes feel a little more normal to hear about people that are way crazier than me!


Hi, I'm Alyssa

with love, john

I love filming my clients, but my greatest joy in life is being a husband and a father to the most amazing little girls.  Family time is a priority, whether it's exploring nature, being a human jungle gym, or just watching a movie together.  

When I'm not working or spending time with family, my favorite past time is music. I love to sing, play guitar, piano, drums and write my own music. In fact, one of the best parts of making videos is being able to incorporate music into the creative process. 

I can't forget my love for the outdoors! I love hiking, biking and just being in nature. I'm proud to live in Montana, where we have such beautiful scenery right in our backyard. 

photographer & Videographer

Hi, I'm John

They are the motivation to work so hard for our clients

A Little Bit More About Us

we love God and our family

 total DIY-ers

Alyssa is really short...

Followers of christ

John is a total nerd

sweet treats, mainly ice cream

We adore each other

We recently bought a house and any extra minute is used to make it feel  like home. Even if we have no idea what we're doing!

Like REALLY short. Like uses a step Iadder when taking pictures short. But hey, it's never stopped her from getting the pictures she wants!

In everything we do, we try to serve God and teach our girls to do the same. 

Whether it's spouting off obscure music facts or researching camera techniques, he nerds out over the things he loves.

There is always room for ice cream, it fills in the cracks even after the biggest meal.

Even with our 18" height difference, we are obsessed with each other! You'd think we'd get sick of working together, but we haven't yet!