Baby Lydia

Baby Lydia

The suspense was killing me! I finally got the call I had been waiting for. Marijke was in labor! It was a scramble to get my kids loaded up and to my brother’s house to pick up his boys. The day seemed to drag by as we went about our day. We cuddled and watched cartoons, went to the splash pad and played at the park, all the while waiting for the text that Lydia had arrived. We dropped my nephews off with my parents. We kept waiting, and finally in the middle of the night we got the text she was here!!! My beautiful, perfect niece was finally here!


I dropped the boys off the next day to meet their sister. Remington, the oldest, is the sweetest with her already! He is showing his little brother the ropes of being a big brother. He loves snuggling her, holding her hands, and singing to her! Lydia is well loved! When I got there to take newborn pictures the next Sunday, it was no different. Love was in every corner of the room as we set up for the pictures. It was so special to see this little family interact with one another. It was so beautiful!


I hope you will always know how much your Aunt Alyssa loves you! I’m so excited to watch you learn and grow. I can’t wait to see the person you become! You have a family that will always be there for you. We will cheer you on at every milestone and comfort you when the hard times come. You are so loved little girl!



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