Powell Wyoming Wedding

Powell Wyoming Wedding

There was excitement in Ryan’s eyes as he waited to see his bride for the first time on their wedding day. He stood, one hand over the other, facing out at the park in little Powell, Wyoming. Whitney rounded the corner, love in her eyes, wearing the perfect dress she chose for this special day. Whitney absolutely glowed as she reached out to touch Ryan’s shoulder. As he turned, joy filled his eyes. He smiled with his whole body as he took Whitney in his arms and kissed her for the first time on their wedding day. For just one quiet moment they held each other. Arms around each other, they took time to prepare for this leap into their lives together.

Wedding days are always hectic. Zippers catch, socks go missing and shoes break. Like all weddings, Whitney and Ryan’s had a few hiccups. But never once during those hiccups did I see the love and commitment leave their faces. Both Whitney and Ryan knew that the day was about one another and the love they share. It was all about the marriage, and the life they would start together as soon and they said “I Do”.

Whitney and Ryan,

I am so excited to watch your lives together unfold. I remember you, Ryan, as the quiet kid that sat a few seats away from me in pre-algebra. As I have gotten to know you again, I can see you are the perfect man for Whitney. Ryan, I know you will always have that excitement in your eyes just like you did at you first look. Whitney, you are going to make such a good wife. You are such an awesome person and I am honored to have been able to serve you on the biggest day of your life! I hope both of you will always remember to put each other first, and never forget this amazing day!

Creative Team:

Flowers: Maci Lutch ~ Rings: Riddle’s Jewlery ~ Dress: Celebrations Bridal Las Vegas ~ Venue:The Commons ~ Hair:Dana Peterson, Realicia Maciel ~ Caterer: Hawg Heaven ~ Cakes: Annette Moss ~ Videography: Freemoney Films ~ Dj: Wyoming Dj Company

  1. Robyn Smith says:

    LOVE what you captured Alyssa! Made grandma cry❤ Grandma Robyn

    • Alyssa Biddle says:

      I’m so glad you like it Robyn! It was such a blessing to be able to serve Ryan and Whitney!

  2. The most amazing wedding pictures!!! What a beautiful couple!!! The expression of love, happiness, and time….it says to me personally, that time is in the moment at hand….that we must make every minute count…..I would give anything to see these two open a time capsule of their relationship up to the wedding and the wedding itself…..20 or 30 years from now….to see where all those special moments lead up to…..God Bless!!!!!

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