Until I was a Mother

Until I was a Mother

Until I was a mother I didn’t know what joy was.

I didn’t know a giggle could make my heart soar. I didn’t know a little hand on my cheek could be the highlight of my day. I didn’t know, the first time I held my girls, how my life would change.

Until I was a mother I didn’t know what tired was.

I didn’t know I could function on two hours of sleep a night for months on end. I didn’t know I could wake up in the night and comfort a scared baby. I didn’t know that watching my baby sleep would become more important to me that closing my own eyes.

Until I was a mother I didn’t know what I was capable of.

I didn’t know I could be so loved after not showering for three days. I didn’t know the power my kisses had on scrapes and bruises. I didn’t know I could hold so much in my heart.

Until I was a mother I didn’t know what love was.

Being a Mother

I had Ember when I was 20. She is our little honeymoon baby. ♥️ Elysse came not even two years later. It is so hard to be a young mom. I have felt so judged at times for choosing to have a family at this point in my life, and so inadequate to be a mom to such perfect little people. But my girls are loved more than life. They are my greatest accomplishment, the very best thing I have ever done. My world revolves around their little achievements and dreams. Being a mom is the most incredible, challenging and fulfilling thing.

It’s crazy to imagine loving another child as much as I already do Ember and Elysse. I am so excited for our little Ellowyn to get here already! After two wildly different kids, my mind is always on who she will be and what she will look like. As she squirms and worms around in my belly, I am amazed by her already. October can’t come soon enough.

A HUGE thank you to my friends Ashley Williams Photography for taking these of me and trusting me enough to edit them myself!

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