Sean and Sierra Wedding at Chancey Event Center

Sean and Sierra Wedding at Chancey Even Center

The bright sunny day slowly turned dark as the clouds rolled in at Chancey’s Event Center, the rain threatening to fall. As Sean and the bridal party made their way up the isle, the guests continued to look up at the sky to see if the rain was coming, commenting quietly about the threat the sky held. Then a hush fell over the crowd as Sean turn his back and closed his eyes so he wouldn’t see his bride before she was walking towards him to become his wife. All thoughts of the weather vanished as Sean saw Sierra coming towards him down the isle. His hand flew to his mouth in awe as tears filled his eyes. Love radiating from both of them, they joined hands and became man and wife before God and their loved ones. As their first kiss sealed their union the first few rain drops fell. There was a rush of hugs and congratulations. Group photos were done quickly and just as the couple made it in doors the clouds opened up as if waiting for them to take cover. It’s good luck for rain to fall on a wedding day and the weather blessed Sean and Sierra. The perfect start to a beautiful life together.

Sierra and Sean,

It has been wonderful working with you this last year. Your little family is so beautiful! Leia is so lucky to have parents like you. As I have worked with you, the love that you share is apparent. I am so happy you have each other to walk through life with. I wish you a life full of happiness and love!

Huge thank you to all the wonderful vendors that made this day spectacular!

Floral: A&E Floral

Rings: Kay’s

Venue: Chancey’s Event Center 

Hair and Makeup: Abi of Aqua Salon and Studio

Dress: Bella en Blanc

Catering: Blue Line BBQ

DJ: Magic City Productions

  1. Jennie Porter alias AJ says:

    Congrats Sierra and Sean, I believe that your dress Sierra is the most beautiful one I’ve ever seen. Fascinating pics all are great. So sorry we couldn’t be there, but had to move my surgery up a bit. Love you and again Congratulations.

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