Kenna and Scott’s Peet’s Hill Engagement Session

Kenna and Scott’s Peet’s Hill Engagement Session

We pulled into Bozeman, and I thought the GPS must have had the wrong address. It was telling us to go pretty much to the center of town. I had seen pictures taken at Peet’s Hill, and they really looked like they were in the middle of nowhere. We pulled into the parking lot to meet Kenna and Scott. The area was beautiful and as we climbed up the hill, my excitement grew. The closer we got to the top, the more it felt like we were miles away from town, in the middle of the mountains, surrounded by the Big Sky. But we were literally just a few minutes from downtown Bozeman.

Kenna was so happy to be taking pictures, and she couldn’t stop smiling the whole time.¬†Scott was a little more reserved, but he got more comfortable as the session went on. There was something that changed in Scott’s smile every time I asked him to look at Kenna. His eyes would light up and his smile widened just a touch. I don’t know if Kenna noticed, or maybe she’s just used to it, but it struck me during their session. You could tell that he was just happy to be with his bride to be. It made me so excited to be a part of the future that these two will have together.

Side note, I don’t know if anybody else thinks this, but doesn’t Kenna look just like Audrey Hepburn?! And she has the bubbly and beautiful personality to match. It was so easy to photography her because she just radiated with light. She’s one of those people that catches your eye not only because of her beauty, but because her sweet personality shines through. I grew to like her more and more throughout the session and am ridiculously excited that she chose me to be part of her wedding day.


Kenna and Scott,

I can see how special your relationship is. I love that you grew up in the same town, but didn’t get to know each other until you both went to school away from home in Bozeman. It’s just such a cool story and it’s almost like fate brought you two together. I am excited to see what the future holds for you. I loved how you both oohed and aahed at all the dogs that passed us during the session, so I know you’ll be excellent fur parents! But no matter what your future holds, I hope you never stop looking at each other the way you did that night.


P.S. Thanks Scott for teaching me what Common Tansy is!





  1. These are so gorgeous Alyssa!! And her ring, stunning! You captured their love perfectly.

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