Kenna and Scott Bozeman Wedding at Love Lane Barn

Kenna and Scott Bozeman Wedding at Love Lane Barn

Often when you get to the cake cutting, the bride and groom just can’t wait to shove cake in each other’s faces.

This was not Scott and Kenna’s wedding. They cut the cake together, and both just got a little cake on their hands. And then ever so sweetly, they put just a dab of frosting on each other’s noses.

It was so sweet and playful. They both just giggled and smiled. You could just see their endearing love for each other.

Then instead of taking a slice of cake to go and eat by themselves, they helped cut the cake and serve their wedding guests.

When I told Kenna I was surprised that they were serving everyone on their wedding day, she shrugged her shoulders and said “that’s just who were are.”

Serving the cake wasn’t the only moment where they revealed the kind of people they are. From the time we arrived at the venue, until we left to go home, they put those around them before themselves. They cared for others, even on their special day.

Scott and Kenna weren’t the only kind and caring people at the wedding. They have surrounded themselves with the same type of people.

Their wedding party was so much fun! They laughed and joked the entire day. But they always made sure that Scott and Kenna had exactly what they needed to keep their day special.

Everyone knows that pictures aren’t necessarily a guy’s favorite thing to do. But the groomsmen never groaned or complained. They were all super supportive for whatever needed to be done.

And the bridesmaids were a blast! They were always smiling or laughing, and sometimes crying. But it was always happy tears. They were just so happy that Kenna was marrying her best friend.

Kenna and Scott,

I want to thank you for such a wonderful day. I truly enjoyed getting to know the people in your lives. Though every wedding I do is beautiful, it was refreshing to be at such an intimate gathering, with only the people who really love you the most.

I loved watching you go to each table and talk to every one of your guests. You two are such exceptional people. I’m so glad to say that I know you.

I cannot wait to get puppy snuggles from your future rescue dog! You’re going to be the best puppy parents ever!



Venue: Love Lane Barn

Floral and Cake: Rosauers

Officiant: David Ortley, Kalispell

Dress: Mimi’s Bridal

Suits: Eskay Bridal

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