Courtney and Kiefer Wedding at Camelot Ranch

Courtney and Kiefer Wedding at Camelot Ranch

One of the definitions of Camelot is a time, place, or atmosphere of idyllic happiness. That is why I think the Camelot Ranch was the perfect place for Courtney and Keifer’s wedding.

Their engagement session was the first time I got to see the two of them together. I was absolutely blown away by the way Keifer doted on Courtney. Helping her down a steep slope, or making sure she was comfortable, he was always aware of exactly what she needed.

And Courtney absolutely adores Keifer. On their wedding day, she gave him a notebook filled with three years worth of love letters for him. Every time Courtney looks at Keifer, her eyes light up and she softly smiles, a look she reserves only for him.

As pastor Jay pointed out during the ceremony, only 5% of high school sweethearts actually make it up the aisle. Courtney and Keifer’s relationship is already beating the odds. By the way they look at each other, you would think they were in the early stages of love, when you get butterflies in your stomach for the first time. But these two have known each other since childhood, and you can tell that they still get excited just to see each other.

Courtney and Keifer,

You guys are frickin’ awesome! Seriously, #RelationshipGoals.

After working with you multiple times this year, I can say that I have loved each time more than the last.

Another one of my brides said that wedding photographers get a sense of which couples will make it, and which ones might not. If my intuition is any indicator of the strength of your relationship, then I’m positive that yours will stand the test of time.

Courtney, you are such a kind and caring person. Your love for your family, friends and Keifer runs so deep. I can’t wait to see where life takes you in your career, in your relationship with Kiefer, and someday as a mother. I know that you will be amazing in everything in you do.

Kiefer, I wish every man treated the girl he loves the way you treat Courtney. It’s so rare to see such a gentleman like you. You were happy just to make Courtney feel content and loved. I hope my daughters someday find a husband that will treat them like you treat your wife.

I love you both and I’m so grateful to know you. God has amazing plans in store for you!


THANK YOU to all the vendors and people that made Courtney and Keifer’s day such a success!

Venue: Camelot Ranch

HAMUA: Kathy Hedges

Dress: David’s Bridal

Floral: Moutain Blooms 406

Videography: White Rose Films



  1. Courtney McKay says:

    Thank you so much for everything! We love these and can’t wait to see the rest💗

  2. Stefanie says:

    Beautiful! Much happiness to you both.

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