Grette and Jorey and Camelot Ranch

Grette and Jorey and Camelot Ranch

“Webster’s dictionary defines wedding as ‘the fusing of two metals with a hot torch.’ Well, you know something? I think you guys are two medals. Gold medals.” -Michael Scott

Grette and Jory’s wedding day was so fun. All day there was smiling and laughing. And when it was time for toasts, it was obvious that this was one of the best weddings ever.

There was not one, not two, but THREE ‘The Office’ quotes during the toasts! I knew then, that these were my kind of people. Michael Scott would be proud.

The toasts weren’t the only funny part of the day. It’s not every wedding that the Pastor, who’s also the Bride’s dad, gives a sermon talking about poop.

My sides were hurting with laughter as Grette’s Dad told the story of the cat he loved. Even though this  cat would poop under his bed, he had made a commitment to love it. And he found his love for the cat grew, even with its flaws. He then turned to Grette, and told her that she needs to love Jory, even when he poops under the bed. 

All jokes aside, their wedding was incredibly special. They showed their commitment to each other and to God, on the most important day of their lives.

After the vows were said, Grette’s Dad offered a communion to anyone who wanted to partake. Both Grette and Jory came to the front of the crowd, serving the bread and wine to the whole congregation. It was such a tender moment as they showed their willingness to serve others as Christ would. It was also a wonderful way

to remember the Savior on their wedding day.

Grette and Jory,

You are such wonderful, kind people. I’m beyond honored that I got to serve you on your wedding day. You started your relationship with Christ as your foundation. So I know that no matter the hardships you face, you will overcome them together.


BIG thank you to all the vendors that worked so incredibly hard to make Grette and Jorey’s day so very beautiful!

Venue: Camelot Ranch

Hair: Alice Frank

MUA: Kira Brown

Catering and Cup Cakes: Top Notch Catering

Floral: Something Borrowed Blooms

Design and Decoration: Better to Gather

Dress: Effie’s Bridal Trunk

Suit: Men’s Wearhouse

Ring: GreenLeaf Jewlery

DJ: Magic City Productions

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