Theresa and Jordan

Theresa and Jordan, Rock Creek Resort Wedding 

Jordan stood in the grove of aspens, his back turned toward his bride to be. His legs shook and tears spilled from his eyes, before he even turned to look at her. In that moment, all he could think about was his love for Theresa, especially after all they’ve been through together.

Most couples make vows at their wedding to stay faithful through sickness and in health. But most couples don’t have to test that vow until they’ve actually been married for years.

But in Theresa and Jordan’s seven years together, they’ve been through more than most. After dating for some time, Jordan had some heart complications and had to have open heart surgery. A mechanical valve was put in his heart. Through all the scariness of the surgery and recovery, Theresa stuck by Jordan’s side, never wavering.

After all they’ve seen together, making the commitment of marriage was a no-brainer. When Jordan looked at his bride for the first time, tear weren’t the only thing in his eyes. They glowed with an overwhelming love for her. It was obvious that she felt the same way for him.

Jordan and Theresa were such an easy-going couple all day. Even when there were little hiccups, they focused on what was really important, their commitment to one another. It made for just a fun, sweet and special day.

Theresa and Jordan,

I don’t think I could love you two any more. I was seriously sad to leave your wedding because it was so much fun!

Just like at your engagement session, my cheeks hurt from smiling, and my heart couldn’t be any happier for the both of you.

Your love for each other is honestly some of the most sincere and heartfelt I’ve ever seen in a couple. I can tell that yours is a love that will last forever. I can’t wait to see where life takes you two.

Thank you so much for allowing me to be part of your beautiful, special and magical day.

Thank you to the amazing people who came together to make Theresa and Jordan so happy on their wedding day!

Dress – Davids Bridal

Caterer – Rock Creek Resort

Hair – Taylor Henderson – Shear Blessings Salon

Make up – Sydney Speasl – willow creek

Cake – Tom & Julie Nord

Venue – Rock Creek Resort

Planner – Hooked Events Co.

Officiant – Byron Price

Design – Candy Sigmundik


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