Aubyn and Bobby, Beartooth Pass Engagement Session

Bobby and Aubyn, Beartooth Pass Engagement Session

I first met Aubyn at a local dress shop here in Billings. A mutual friend had connected us and Aubyn had agreed to model for a stylized shoot I was planning. As she tried on different dresses for the shoot,I was instantly drawn to her bubbly personality and her GIANT, heartfelt smiles.


Unfortunately, we didn’t end up working together for this shoot, because Aubyn is a dedicated friend, and she needed to go to a bachelorette party that same evening. I got a text forwarded from our mutual friend, 3 paragraphs full of her sincerely apologizing over and over again. I could just tell how genuine a person she is and there was absolutely no hard feelings. Her apology just made me like her even more.


So  imagine how excited I was when just a few months later, Aubyn got engaged and decided to book me for her wedding! I was thrilled to finally be able to work with her!


For their engagement session, we took an incredible drive up to Beartooth Pass. I loved having this time to talk and get to know both Aubyn and her fiance Bobby better. I quickly discovered that they are just perfect for each other. Aubyn would start getting carried away with a story, and Bobby would chime in every so often, just enough to lovingly keep her on track. When she wasn’t looking at him, he would stare at her adoringly as we took pictures.


Not every couple is willing to step into a cold mountain pond full of ice melt on the top of Beartooth Pass. But they were up for the adventure together. And that was after stopping at two other gorgeous locations!


Side note: I absolutely Beartooth Pass! Where else can you get so many absolutely stunning sights so close together on one drive?


Bobby and Aubyn,


I am incredibly honored to be capturing your big day next year! You are both such genuine people that share so much love! I love the way you complete each other (total cliche I know but it’s SO true!). Your life together is going to beautiful, just like the two of you!  


  1. Gail says:

    Absolutely beautiful! I can’t wait for the celebration!

  2. Nicole Swigart says:

    Impossible to pick a favorite. They look so amazing and their love shines through so clearly. Thanks for capturing the magic of love.

  3. Staci Johns says:

    Wow, how do you pick one? They are all so perfect!

    • Alyssa Biddle says:

      Aubyn and Bobby were AMAZING the whole time! I could hardly choose the ones I wanted to share on the blog! They are too perfect!!!

  4. Phyllis Stevens says:

    Each one seems lovelier than the previous one. They are all stunning and you feel their magic. Beautiful couple.

  5. Tiff Bell says:

    I love them all 💜 She definitely captured the moment to celebrate your new adventures together!

  6. Apryl Anderson says:

    Oh my heart!!! Their love and personalities shine through your photos!! They make me happy!!! So wonderful.

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