Tiana and Tanner – Downtown Billings Wedding

Tiana and Tanner – Downtown Billings Wedding

At most weddings, the first dance as bride and groom is the one that stands out. The one that people remember the most. At Tiana and Tanner’s wedding, this dance was so special, but there’s one other dance that really stands out in my mind.

Before the DJ opened up the dance floor to everyone, he asked all the married couples to come onto the floor for what was called “The Anniversary Dance”. After a short slow dance, the DJ jokingly asked that only couples who’ve been married more than a day stay on the floor. Tiana and Tanner walked off to the side, smiling at the couples that were left. The dance went on and the DJ listed off years. If you’ve been married, 5, 10 or 20 years, stay on the dance floor. The crowd started getting more and more sparse.

The DJ asked those that have been married 40 years to stay on the floor. Only two couples remained: Tanner’s grandparents, and Tiana’s grandparents. Both couples were so cute!! You could see the love each had for their spouse. It was apparent that both Tanner and Tiana come from amazing legacies of love and commitment.

As the DJ called out 50 years, only one couple remained: Tiana’s grandparents. They have been married 60 whole years! To commemorate this amazing accomplishment, Tiana presented her grandmother with her beautiful bouquet.

Throughout the whole wedding day, you could feel the love and commitment that Tanner and Tiana had for each other, and for God. It permeated the ceremony, every one of the toasts, and each dance before and after the anniversary dance.

Tanner and Tiana,

It has been a long time since I cried at a wedding, but there was multiple times through out the day I caught myself blinking away tears. You are both such amazing people and I am proud to know you both! Tiana, I can’t help thinking back to our middle school days and reflecting on how we have both changed (thank goodness ha ha). I am in awe of the generous, kind person you have become and am proud to call you my friend. Tanner you have such a special wife! She is lucky to have such an amazing man as her husband. Thank you again for letting me be part of one of the most beautiful wedding days I have ever seen!


Huge thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make Tiana and Tanner’s day so special!

Ceremony Venue: Rocky Mountain College 

Reception Venue: Moss Mansion

Dress: Step’n Out

Make Up: Cristina Burns

Caterer: MacKenzie River Pizza

DJ: DJLan Party

Videographer: PinUp Productions

Cake: Oceana’s Confections

Macrons: Sweet and Tarte

Head Table: MT Harvest Tables

Her Ring: Goldsmith Gallery

His Ring: Larson Jewelers 

Floral: Top Notch Catering

A GIANT THANK YOU to Mary Tostenrud for day of coordinating! We couldn’t have done it with out you!!!

  1. Stacy O’Tremba says:

    Wow, Alyssa! Your intro. brought me to tears, and the shots you captured are amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
    The MOB (mother of bride😉)

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