Kyla and Chris at the Y-Knot Barn

Kyla and Chris at the Y-Knot Barn

The final toasts had been given. Kyla hugged her brother and thanked him for his kind words. Then she stood up and asked to say a few words and thank some of the people there. Kyla pulled out a note that she had written for her Father who had passed away when she was young.


She told him about all the men in her life who had stepped in and helped raise her. The room was completely silent as everyone tried to hold back their tears. She talked about her new husband Chris, and told her Dad that he would be so proud because of the man she chose to marry. She thanked her Uncle, her mother, and her older brothers. She thanked others who had impacted her life for the better, and helped shape her into the woman she is today.


She ended the letter, reminding everyone of the wonderful man her father was, and that he’s only a prayer away. Those she loves the most stood to hug her, expressing gratitude for the selfless words she spoke.


Not many brides choose to think of others the way Kyla did on her wedding day. When it was time to get ready, she kept forgetting to get in the shower because she was too busy making sure her bridesmaids were comfortable and had enough to eat. Throughout the day she constantly asked each guest how he or she was doing and feeling, even though it was her special day.


Kyla wasn’t the only selfless one that day. Chris was just as gracious, thanking everyone he met, and always genuinely inquiring to the needs of others.


Chris and Kyla,


Over the last year, I feel truly blessed to have gotten to know you. Every interaction with the both of you has left me a better person. You are both so genuinely kind to everyone you meet, and it’s an example to me of he we should all treat those around us. There couldn’t be two people better suited for each other. You two are always smiling and laughing, and so kind to each other. Your marriage will be an example to others of what it means to truly love and respect your spouse.


Thank you for being you! And thank you for letting me be a part of your special day.

HUGE thank you to all the wonderful people that made Chris and Kyla’s day so beautiful!

Venue: Y-Knot Barn

Flowers: Pollinations

Dress: Eskay Bridal

Hair and Makeup: Dusti Scott

Catering: Red Apron Catering


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