Chris and Ali’s Rock Creek Resort Wedding Standing outside her suite at Rock Creek Resort, Ali wrapped the necklace around her neck, and fastened the clasp. She held the simple circle pendant in her hand as she straightened it. You could see in her eyes that she was thinking of the first time it was […]

Ali and Reid’s Montana Wildflower Wedding One of the most fun ways to get to know a bride and groom better on the wedding day, is getting know the individuals they chose to be in their wedding party. The people Ali and Reid surrounded themselves with were a testament to how fun they are as […]

Kyla and Chris at the Y-Knot Barn The final toasts had been given. Kyla hugged her brother and thanked him for his kind words. Then she stood up and asked to say a few words and thank some of the people there. Kyla pulled out a note that she had written for her Father who […]

Tiana and Tanner – Downtown Billings Wedding At most weddings, the first dance as bride and groom is the one that stands out. The one that people remember the most. At Tiana and Tanner’s wedding, this dance was so special, but there’s one other dance that really stands out in my mind. Before the DJ […]

Bobby and Aubyn, Beartooth Pass Engagement Session I first met Aubyn at a local dress shop here in Billings. A mutual friend had connected us and Aubyn had agreed to model for a stylized shoot I was planning. As she tried on different dresses for the shoot,I was instantly drawn to her bubbly personality and her […]

Sean and Sierra Wedding at Chancey Even Center The bright sunny day slowly turned dark as the clouds rolled in at Chancey’s Event Center, the rain threatening to fall. As Sean and the bridal party made their way up the isle, the guests continued to look up at the sky to see if the rain […]

Until I was a Mother Until I was a mother I didn’t know what joy was. I didn’t know a giggle could make my heart soar. I didn’t know a little hand on my cheek could be the highlight of my day. I didn’t know, the first time I held my girls, how my life […]

Rath Wedding After their best friends walked two by two up the aisle, anticipation showed in his eyes, excited to think he would see his bride in mere moments. The carriage came down the hill. His eyes filled with tears. He was in awe. She was breathtaking. It was a Montana fairytale. Amber looked absolutely […]

Powell Wyoming Wedding There was excitement in Ryan’s eyes as he waited to see his bride for the first time on their wedding day. He stood, one hand over the other, facing out at the park in little Powell, Wyoming. Whitney rounded the corner, love in her eyes, wearing the perfect dress she chose for […]

Baby Lydia The suspense was killing me! I finally got the call I had been waiting for. Marijke was in labor! It was a scramble to get my kids loaded up and to my brother’s house to pick up his boys. The day seemed to drag by as we went about our day. We cuddled […]






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